La Dictée P.G.L.

Who is La Dictée P.G.L. for?»

La Dictée P.G.L. is designed for primary schools students (from kindergaten to 8th grade), and to those of the first two grades of secondary schools in Canada and in the United States.

Can Kindergarten students participate in La Dictée P.G.L.? »

Yes they can. Our high quality teaching materials offer activities that correspond to the three mandates identified for kindergarten by the Ministry of Education: stimulate 4 or 5 year old children’s curiosity for school, promote the child’s overall development and establish a foundation for schooling.

How many children participate in La Dictée P.G.L.?»

In 2011-2012, the 21st edition of La Dictée P.G.L. involved close to 190,000 students from 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada, and from the United States. In Africa, nearly 200,000 students from Senegal, Mali and the Republic of Guinea participated in La Dictée P.G.L.

How can I register my class for La Dictée P.G.L.?»

Simply fill out and send us the form that is part of the Subscription Document that we send out to schools in September. If you have not received the Subscription Document, you can order one by phoning 514 288-3888 or 1 800 363-2687 (toll free), or by fax at 514 288-8489, or e-mail at dictee@fondationpgl.ca.

Can I get samples of the teaching materials for evaluation?»

As a teacher, you simply have to ask and we will be pleased to send you, free of charge, the most recent La Dictée P.G.L. edition’s educational toolkit.

You can request it by phone at 514 288-3888 or 1 800 363-2687 (toll free), by fax at 514 288-8489, or by e-mail at dictee@fondationpgl.ca.

Is there a specific date at which the La Dictée P.G.L. project must be completed?»

There is a recommended calendar in the teaching guide. However, dates are flexible and you can implement the activities anytime you wish during the month of January.

Can I register a single class from my school for La Dictée P.G.L.?»

Registering a single class for the La Dictée P.G.L. is not a problem. You simply have to fill out the registration form, have your school’s principal sign it and return it to us by fax.


If for any reason a school wishes to cancel its participation in La Dictée P.G.L., it should notify the Foundation three weeks at the latest after receiving the material. Any school cancelling its registration after the material has been sent and received will have to reimburse the Foundation for shipping and handling fees. It will also have to send back the unused material at its own expense.

The competitions and finales

Do I have to send a registration form to the Regional Finale, even if I am not sending any student from our school?»

Yes. It is very important that you send us this form, whether or not you are sending a student to your Regional Finale. The schools organizing these finales need the exact list of registered participants to prepare the necessary material.

Can I send more than one student to the Regional Finale?»

No. Only one 5th or 6th grade student can represent his or her school at the Regional Finale. You simply have to fill out the registration form for the Regional Finale online, through your portal, at fondationpgl.ca/dictee/.

What is the deadline to register my student for the Regional Finale?»

The Regional Finale registration deadline is the same for everyone. It can be found in the calendar of benchmark dates. If we have not received your student’s Regional Finale registration form by the deadline, it is likely that his or her name will not appear on the list of participants for this event.

When do the Regional Finales take place?»

The Regional Finales take place throughout the month of March. We will send you an official notice in February, with the specific date and location of your Regional Finale, and these will be posted on our website as soon as the dates have been confirmed. Each school choosing to send a representative to the Regional Finale will be responsible for ensuring that he or she is present at this event.

Is there a particular preparation for a student participating in the Regional Finale?»

As opposed to the sponsored dictation, there is no list of proposed words for the Regional Finale. However, the student can review the vocabulary words proposed in Mon Magazine, since the theme of the dictations remains the same throughout the year. No school material (grammar or dictionary) can be consulted during the Regional Finale. We also recommend that the student use our Terrain de jeux (School playground at www.jeuxpgl.com) to practice.

What is involved in a Regional Finale and how does it work?»

Students must arrive at the organizing school at least half an hour before the time given in the official notice. They must then confirm their presence at the greeting table and proceed to their assigned desk (if one has been allocated), or to the desk of their choice, as the case may be. The dictation and the selected sentences are then dictated out loud to the students and collected immediately after, to be corrected by the jury. The students must stay put and wait for all the copies to be corrected, at which point the jury determines the winners.

What is the School Finale competition, and how can I arrange for my class to take part?»

The School Finale competition gives all students participating in La Dictée P.G.L., from kindergarten to 8th grade (2nd year of secondary school) an opportunity to win prizes. A student in each grade has chance to win a $100 bursary and a La Dictée P.G.L. back pack. All registered students are therefore eligible to win. (See the participation details on page 5 of the Guide du responsable.) In addition, the winning students’ teachers will also get a prize.

Where can I find the dictations for the School Finale?»

The dictations for students of all levels participating in the School Finale can be found in the Guide du responsable, which is sent to the person responsible for the project.

Why is it preferable that all levels write the School Finale dictation at the same time?»

At the request of the teachers, we created this finale so that every student can have the opportunity to participate in a competition. In this way, all levels from kindergarten to the 8th grade can measure their French language skills at a local event: the School Finale.

Contributions and donations

How much does it cost to participate?»

No minimum fee is required to participate in La Dictée P.G.L. However, the school must commit to contribute to the project through the “Raise Funds to Share” program, or by agreeing to a fixed amount contribution, or a mixture of both.

The sponsored dictation – The “Raise Funds to Share” program»

More than 75% of schools participating in La Dictée P.G.L. choose the sponsored dictation approach. It allows the school to keep up to 50% of funds raised and to donate the remaining 50% to the Paul Gérin-Lajoie Foundation. Sponsored dictations in Canadian schools generated $1,455,382 in 2011 and 2012, of which $620,964 was used to implement their own school activities, while $834,417 was donated to the Foundation for its overseas projects and for the intrinsic development of the La Dictée P.G.L. project.

What is the “Raise Funds to Share” program?»

The “Raise Funds to Share” program is a fundraising activity based on a dictation designated as “sponsored”. Students must raise a certain amount for each word correctly spelled, or for the dictation as a whole. Each child receives an envelope used to collect the donations. For security reasons, the Paul Gérin-Lajoie Foundation prohibits door to door solicitation for the “Raise Funds to Share” program; it recommends, rather, that children approach only family members and friends for this activity and that they do so under parental supervision. If it wishes, the school may keep up to half of the amount raised for its own projects. The other half must be sent to the Paul Gérin-Lajoie Foundation, where it will be used to support its projects in Africa and in Haiti, as well as for the intrinsic development of La Dictée P.G.L.

The fixed amount contribution»

The fixed amount contribution is payable at the time of registration and it is designed for schools that do not wish to involve their students in a fundraising activity that solicits family members and friends. In that case, the school is asked to contribute to the Paul Gérin-Lajoie Foundation a fixed amount of $4 for each student registered for La Dictée P.G.L.

The mixed contribution»

A school may also choose to have some of its students participate in the “Raise Funds to Share” program through the sponsored dictation, while others take part through the $4 per student fixed amount option.

How are the funds transferred to the Foundation?»

The person responsible for La Dictée P.G.L. at the school must collect the envelopes, add up and record the total amount, fill out the School Report and send all these items – namely: the school’s cheque, the sponsors’ cheques made out to the Foundation (if such there are), the completed and signed report, as well as all the original envelopes with the names of the sponsors – to the Paul Gérin-Lajoie Foundation.

Tax receipt»

All persons who make a donation of $20 or more to the “Raise Funds to Share” program are eligible to receive an official tax receipt by writing in block letters their name and complete address in the space provided on the student’s envelope. Receipts are usually mailed out to donors in February of the following year.